The Health Benefits of Wine

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  2. January 11, 2013 9:40 pm

The Health Benefits of Wine

Resveratrol and the French Phenomenon:
The health benefits of wine were first brought to the attention of researchers examining what was coined the “French Phenomenon.” These researchers noticed that French citizens, or anyone who consistently ate a French diet, had great longevity despite the fact that their diet was high in fat. These researchers eventually discovered that a chemical unique to red wine grapes, resveratrol, had an effect on genes and slowed the general aging process. The French imbibed especially high amounts of red wine, and thus they consumed enough resveratrol to have a significant effect on their lifespan. Science has since confirmed that resveratrol slows down the genetic aging of the body. Resveratrol is contained in red wine and other red grapes. Importantly, it is not contained in white wine, since it comes from the skin, seeds and stem of the grape plant.

Wine’s Heart Benefits:
It’s not hard to find reasons to dislike alcohol, but the substance is not all bad. Alcohol is a natural blood thinner and will lower blood pressure. This allows the heart to work easier and thus last longer. As a result, alcohol has been shown to reduce the risk of heart attack and heart diseases in general. Wine is one of the best sources for alcohol because it contains a uniquely balanced concentration. It has a higher concentration than beer, which results in less drinking by volume and thus less caloric intake. It has a lower concentration than harder liquors, such as vodka, so there is less chance of unhealthy intoxication.

Social Health Benefits:
Wine tends to be a very slow and social drink. It is more often consumed with food and company than any other form of alcohol. Centenarians often say that one of the secrets to long life is good relationships. Wine lends itself to relaxed meals with friends and family. Slowing down for a relaxing and pleasant evening comes with its own health benefits, often courtesy of good bottle of wine.

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